Blue Ridge Retrievers




After the passing of my beloved Cocoa I waited for over 2 years to find another chocolate. When looking at litters there was always something I was not pleased with here or there. Once I found the litter "Maia"was to be out of I knew I'd want to get in line for a chocolate girl. I'm excited to introduce her into my line up of beautiful working girls.
Stay tuned to see updates on Maia!



Troublesome Falsely Accused, MH, QAA.  Yella is a handsome, 80 pound black male that is very intelligent on blinds and marks and runs with high drive and intensity. Yella ran 2 Derby's in 2008 and finished with a 4th and a Jam. In 2009, he Qualified All-Age (QAA) @ 28 months old. Yella achieved his Master Hunt Title by 3 years old. Yella ran an Open All-Age at North East Tennessee Retriever Club in 2013 and received a Jam. Yella is continuing his training and is running field trials in 2014.
Yella is owned by Brady Collins and is 100% amateur trained.

DOB: November 20, 2006
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
CNM & EIC: Clear
CERF: 2008
Black...carries chocolate and yellow

Troublesome Falsely Accused, MH, QAA

HRCH Backwaters Rowdy Surprise MH ( BLK )
Hips: LR-141044E37M-PI (EXCELLENT)
Elbows: LR-EL22320M37-PI (NORMAL)
Eyes: LR-38682
NFC-AFC Maxx's Surprise ( BLK )
Hips: LR-73677E24M (EXCELLENT)
Eyes: LR-19209
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK )
Hips: LR-46627G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-6972/2001--126
FC-AFC-CNFC-CAFC Chena River No Surprise (2004 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-29783G24F (GOOD)
Eyes: LR-6654
FC AFC JJ's Desire To Go ( BLK )
Hips: LR-83594E24F-T Excellent
FC-AFC Wilderness Harley To Go (2003 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-19528 (Good)
Eyes: LR-1930/1995--145
Redline Limited Edition *** ( BLK )
Hips: LR-50895G28F-Good
Eyes: LR-18565
Bluegrass Troublesome Trace ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-155164E49F-PI (EXCELLENT)
Elbows: LR-EL28625F49-PI (NORMAL)
Eyes: LR-47342
HRCH Troublesome Fat Chance MH ( BLK )
Hips: OFA25G
FC AFC Westwinds Chances Are ( BLK )
Pats Troublesome Molly ( BLK )
Hips: OFA24E
Eyes: LR-14843 (CELAR)
Bryants Bluegrass Abigail SH ( CHOC )
Krystopher Kulumbus ( UNKN )
Kemper's Cocoa Pup ( UNKN )

Daphne Beach SHFC Tribute To Justice ( BLK )
Hips: LR-140176E24M-PI (Excellent)
Elbows: LR-EL21947M24-PI (Normal)
Eyes: LR-41115
EIC: LR-EIC204/78M-VPI (Clear)
FC AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James ( YLW )
Hips: LR-100072E24M-T(Excellent)
Eyes: LR-25518
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK )
Hips: LR-46627G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-6972/2001--126
HRCH Southills U Gotta B Kiddin MH ( YLW )
Hips: LR-70961G25F-T(Good)
Elbows: LR-EL3369F25-T(Normal)
Eyes: LR-16930
FC AFC Dutchman Gold Midnite Eve MH ( BLK )
Hips: LR-102684F24F-T(Fair)
FC AFC Cornerstone Wizard of Oz ( BLK )
Hips: LR-40799G44M (Good)
Us Send It Page ( BLK )
Hips: LR-64455E25F-T(Excellent)
D S Benelli's Mae Dayzs SH ( YLW )
White Oak's Ready To Rumble MH, Can. JH, WCX ( BLK )
Hips: LR-175098G24M-vpi
Eyes: LR-46949/2008
CNM: LR-CNM07-685-M-pi
EIC: LR-EIC300/29M-vpi
FC AFC It's All Over Now Baby Blue ( BLK )
Hips: LR-136339E27M
CNM: Clear
Bc's Ready To Run ( YLW )
Hips: LR-153474G37F-PI
Elbows: LR-EL27792F37-PI
Eyes: LR-35763
D&S Harley Girl SH ( YLW )
Hips: LR-164245E32F
Rocky Road Of Forgedale ( UNKN )
Cori's Abba Gale ( UNKN )

Yella MH QAA
s sire